EVN 24 Hour Theatre

19:00 4 October

State Puppet Theatre Lobby

EVN 24 Hour Theatre is a community theatre organization dedicated to introducing and promoting the concept of 24 hour plays in Armenia. 24 hour theatre is an experimental form of theatre where writers, directors and actors create, rehearse, and perform short, usually between 10-15 minutes, one-act plays within a 24 hour period.

The clock starts when the playwrights receive a specific theme and their pens hit paper. The writing process starts at 7 PM the day before the performance. They will write throughout the night, and 12 hours later on the following morning the director and actors will receive the newly written script and the rehearsal will start. The production cast will have 12 hours to stage, rehearse, learn the lines, decide on costumes, and find props for the play. In the evening at 7 PM the show must really go on!