Monumental / Gotoghagan

20:00 4 October

YSITC Student Theatre

For a quarter century, Kasbar Ipegian was an unquestionable authority as a talented director and actor in Tbilisi, Constantinople, Tehran, Baghdad, and Egypt. As the president of the Beirut Committee of Hamazkayin, in 1941 Kasbar Ipegian formed the Hamazkayin Theater Association. The Association aimed to reestablish and spread the art of theater in the diaspora. The Association also aimed to enhance Armenian theater’s educational role in the preservation of national identity. Kasbar Ipegian died in 1952. In his memory, the Hamazkayin Theater Association renamed itself Hamazkayin Kasbar Ipegian Theater Company, the name it still carries today.

Monumental/ Gotoghagan. Arak and Bed are responsible for an Armenian Centre in the middle of a desert. Gali, a Jewish student finishing her PhD thesis about the Armenians, comes to the centre to study Arak & Bed.