The mission of the “Armenian Actors Union” NGO is to develop modern culture through the use of modern methods, to implement creative and innovative projects, to create platforms and cultural spaces.

The aims and goals of NGO

● Organizing festivals that allow the Armenian audience to see local and foreign samples of performing arts
● Organizing International Collaborations (Forums, Conferences which are developing the competitiveness)
● Creating educational and training platforms (organization of seminars, master classes, courses by leading foreign specialists. The aim is to create Armenian-foreign intercultural dialogues, to create conditions for creative advancement through possible cooperation)
● Supporting young artists, creating artistic and administrative conditions for their creative advancement through the provision of consultations and platforms
● Coordination of the most important cultural events in Armenia, organization at a high artistic level

As a result of its continuous activities in the framework of the festival year after year, diversifying the scope of opportunities, offering new artistic innovations, and continuing to be in the leading position, the festival collaborated with foreign forums and international performing arts associations, increasing the activity of theatre in Armenia. In 2019, the YFA (Association of European Festivals) selected the “HIGH FEST” International Theater Festival from 715 European festivals and included it in the list of the 24 best.

AAU has accumulated and collected a database necessary for the art field, which as a result of long-term planning can serve in the long-term development, activation and recognition of the field. The NGO has organized many performances, open-air events, parades and other events such as “Speaking to one another”, “Tsitsernak” music awards and workshops. Below you are able to see the list of participants of “HIGH FEST” international Performing Arts Festival.


HIGH FEST International Performing Arts Festival was established in 2003. The first edition was situated in Yerevan, Armenia, October 2-9. It is the flagship performing arts festival in Armenia. Over these years more than 500 foreign companies, 5000 participants and guests took part of the festival. HIGH FEST has Main and Fringe parts as well as Armenian Showcase and the special Iranian programme.

The main goals of HIGH FEST (international performing arts festival) are developing of Armenian Performing arts, promoting Cultural Policy in Armenia and cultural rights of Armenian performing arts practitioners; promotion of Worldwide Culture in Armenia and Armenian Culture in other countries in the world; supporting Armenia in the process of integration between European countries in the field of culture; setting up and implementing programmes and events in art and culture for professional artists in order to promote open and a democratic society within Armenia.

To realize our goals, we seek mutually beneficial collaboration with our stakeholders, government business sector, international and local organizations.

Over past sixteen years, the Festival has significantly expanded and has drawn international attention. From 2006 it is announced by many performing arts networks as a main theatre festival of the former USSR countries (except of Moscow). Every year we have strong educational programmes, such as conferences, master classes, seminars and workshops, run by leading world specialists.

As a result of international recognition Armenia joined several international theatre arts networks, namely: ASSITEJ, IETM, IFEA, ITI, ENCATC, ELIA etc.

The HIGH FEST has developed and expanded to include not only theatre, but also other forms of performing arts. From 2006 the HIGH FEST International Theatre Festival will present productions in all genres of performing arts including theatre (drama, comedy, mime, movement, circus, street performances, sight-specific and immersive, puppet/marionette, fingers/shadow, multi-media and visual theatre), contemporary dance and movement, music (opera, classical, musical, contemporary, jazz, folk etc) and other forms of performing arts.

European Festivals Association (EFA) and the EFFE International Jury chaired by Sir Jonathan Mills (former director of the Edinburgh International Festival) announced the 24 EFFE Laureates that are in the running for the EFFE Awards 2019-2020, where HIGH FEST (international performing arts festival) were included. This biennial prize celebrates arts festivals that demonstrate artistic excellence and at the same time have a strong impact on the local and regional development of cultural cooperation. EFFE – Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe is initiated by the European Festivals Association (EFA) and supported by the European Commission.


High Fest Staff
  • President: Arthur Ghukasyan 

    Executive Director: Shoghakat Mlke Galstyan

    Technical Director: Artyom Naghdyan

    Curator: Hrachya Qeshishyan

    Chief  Coordinator: Shushanik Hovakimyan

    Head of Special Events: Tsolak Mlke Galstyan

    Head of press service: Vlad Muradyan

    Head of Iranian Program: Albert Bigjohny

    Financial Director: Gayane Vardanyan

    Coordinator: Lilit Balabekyan

    Coordinator: Milen Baldryan

    Logistics: Artashes Babayan

    Logistics: Edgar Vardanyan

    Web manager: Gagik Karapetyan

    Technical Specialist: Hrachya Gasparyan

    Technical Staff: Rafayel Hakhnazaryan

    Technical Staff: Emil Nazaryan


Guy Masterson United Kingdom
ART & SHOCK Experimental Theater Almaty, Kazakhstan
“Chelovek” theatre of Plastic Drama Russia, Moscow
Teatr Novogo Fronta Czech Republic
Alfred Ve Dvore/Motus Company Czech Republic
“Off Dance” Company Hungary
Pygmeteatern Stockholm, Sweden
The Israeli Flamenco Dance Company Israel
Belgrade Drama Theatre and City Ballet Company Serbia
Sundukyan State National Academic Theatre Armenian Program
Henrik Malyan Theatre-Studio
Tumanyan State Puppet Theatre
National Center of Aesthetics “Little Theatre”
Hamazgain Theatre
Yerevan Chamber Theatre
Armenian Actors Union
Yerevan State Musical Theatre
H. Ableyan Vanadzor State Dramatic Theatre
V. Papazyan Stepanakert State Drama Theatre
Markus Zohner Theater Companie Lugano, Switzerland
Nouritza Matossian London Uk
Eva Ingemarson Dance Production Guteberg, Sweden
Provisional Danza Madrird, Spain
ART & SHOCK Experimental Theater Almaty, Kazakhstan
Dramatic Company Seoul, Korea
Pygmeteatern Stockholm, Sweden
Novokuznetsk Puppet Theatre “Skaz” Novokuznetsk, Russia
Antagon Theateraktion Frankfurt, Germany
Cacahuete Avignon, France
Griboedov State Russian Drama Theatre Tbilisi, Georgia
SAN-San teatre Kharkiv, Ukraine
Royal District Theatre Tbilisi, Georgia
Theatre Divadlo Kufr Brno, Czech Republic
London Arts University London, UK
The Arab-Hebrew Theatre of Jaffa Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel
Little Theatre “Dusko Radovic” Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro
Tumanyan State Puppet Theatre Armenian Program
Yerevan State Chamber Theatre
Ghaplanyan Yerevan Municipal Drama Theatre
Stanislavsky State Russian Drama Theatre
Yerevan Municipal Theatre of Young Spectator
Yerevan State Pantomime Theatre
Henrik Malyan Theatre Studio
National Center of Aesthetics “Little Theatre”
Armenian Actors Union
Hamazgayin Theatre
Papazyan Stepanakert State Drama Theatre
Goy Theatre
“Mihr Theatre”
“Infinite Theatre Island” Children`s Mime Theatre
Theatre “School”
Mim Studio
Shirvanzade Ghapan State Drama Theatre
Kharazyan Artashat State Theatre
Nelli Dugar Zhabon Theatre of Plastic Drama “Chelovek” Omsk, Russia
Pasnpermina / Marcel.Li Antunez Barcelona, Spain
Markus Zohner Theater Compagnie Lugano, Switzerland
ART & SHOCK Experimental Theater Almaty, Kazakhstan
Odyssey Dance Theatre Singapore
Central Europe Dance Theatre Budapest, Hungary
Basement Theatre Tbilisi, Georgia
Compas Flamenco Dance Company Tel Aviv, Israel
Plested and Brown Newbury, UK
Su-En Butoh Company Sweden, Japan
Diane Alison-Mitchell UK and Jamaica
Xanthus Productions LTD Kolkata, India
Novokuznetsk Puppet Theatre “SKAZ” Novokuznetsk, Russia
Theatr Ludem Ostrava, Czech Republic
London Arts University UK and Mexico
Die Karawane Dusseldorf E.V Dusseldorf, Germany
“ZID” theatre Amsterdam, The Netherlands
“OX” theatre Slovenia, Belgium
Plastic Drama Theatre Pechersk Ukraine
Yerevan State Chamber Theatre Armenian Program
Yerevan State Pantomime Theatre
“Mihr” theatre
Sundukyan State National Academic Theatre
Yerevan State Theatre of Young Spectator
Tumanyan State Puppet Theatre
MIM studio
“ACCEA”Theatre and Cinema Group
Stanislavsky State Russian Drama Theatre
Kharazyan Artashat State Theatre
Goy Theatre
“Infinite Theatre Island” Children`s Mime Theatre
“Chocolate” Teenagers Theatre
“Ovasis” Mime Theatre of DEAF
PRAKTIKA Theatre Moscow, Russia
Nightingale Theatre Brighton, UK
Inspector Sands and Stamping Ground Theatre London, UK
Kinodance Company Boston, USA
Studio Contemporary Dance Company Zagreb, Croatia
Compagnie Fabienne Berger Lausanne, Switzerland
Cie. Birte Brudermann Vienna, Austria
Silence Teatro Bergamo, Italy
Fabbrica Del Vento Brescia, Italy
Veriko One Man Show Theatre Tbilisi, Georgia
Teatr Kabal Warsaw, Poland
Riga Russian Drama Theatre Riga, Latvia
ODA Theater Production Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia
Branko Potocan Ljubljana, Slovenia
Associazione Culturale Versiliadazna Florence, Italy
Watergat / Roy Peters Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Virovitica Theatre Virovitica, Croatia
Laboratory of Stage Arts Riga, Latvia
Teater Patrasket Copenhagen, Denmark
Nico Baixas Barcelona, Spain
Chipolatas Theatre UK
Tallinna Lasteteater Trumm Tallinn, Estonia
Yekaterinburg Municipal Puppet Theatre Yekaterinburg, Russia
Fingers Theatre Tbilisi, Georgia
Compagnia Autonoma Teneti Pedova, Italy
Teatro Invito Valmadrera, Italy
National Centre of Aesthetics “Small Theatre” Armenian Program
Sundukyan State National Academic Theatre
Hamazgain Theatre
“Mihr Theatre”
Yerevan State Youth ExperimentalTheatre “Arlez” / By A. Ayzavyan
Stanislavsky State Russian Drama Theatre
Yerevan State Pantomime Theatre
Armenian Theatre Association
Kharazyan Artashat State Theatre
British Council
Saryan Opera-Studio
Tumanyan State Puppet Theatre
“Infinite Theatre Island” Children`s Mime Theatre
ART & SHOCK Experimental Theater Almaty, Kazakhstan
Klaus Obermaier & Chris Haring Vienna, Austria
Adam Duris And Kazimir Kolesnik Helsinki, Finland
Natalia Kasparova Dance Company St. Petersburg, Russia
Evgeni Grishkovets Moscow, Russia
In-Temporalis Duet St, Petersburg, Russia
Monique Shnyder Zurich, Switzerland
Arts Printing House Vilnius, Lithuania
“Barefoot” Company Istanbul, Turkey
Cie Efrat Stempler Berlin, Germany
Das Dokumentartheater Berlin Berlin, Germany
Tanzgruppe Regensburg, Germany
Versiliadanza Florence, Italy
Tamanta Teatro di Serena a Zar Serbia and Italy
Kud Samosvoj Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tony Waag`s Company New York, USA
Maya Stern and Edo Cender Tel Aviv, Israel
Macht Ohne Buhne Berlin, Germany
Ri Teatat Rijeka, Croatia
Primorsky Regional Youth theatre Vladivostok, Russia
Bradipoteatr Fiorentino, Republic of San Marino
Alternative Theatre Kosovo and Lyric Theatre “SKUPI” Kosovo and Macedonia
Vartan Mkrtchyan Beirut, Lebanon
Hilary Chaplain New York, USA
Xavi Bobes Barcelona, Spain
Ilona Jantti London, UK
Jose Navarro UK, Peru
Baran Puppet Theatre Tehran, Iran
Mihr Theatre Armenian Program
Tumanyan State Puppet Theatre
State Chamber Theatre
Municipal dramatic Theatre
Ara Harutyunyan
State Pantomime Theatre
Arina Araratyan
Yerevan Municipal Theatre of Young Spectator
Stanislavsky State Russian Drama Theatre
Hamazgain Theatre
Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and cinematography
“Hamalsaranakan” Theatre of the YSU
Yelena Arshakyan
Alexander Hovsepyan
Artashat State Theatre
Avetis Artistic Theater
State Marionette Theatre
Theatre after Edgar Elbakyan
Suren Shahverdyan
National Centre of Aesthetics “Small Theatre”
“Infinite Theatre Island” Children`s Mime Theatre
Mark Ravenhill London, UK
Kazantsev Centre for Dramaturgy and Directing Moscow, Russia
Movement Theatre “CheloVEK” in the name of Nelly Dugar-Zhabon Saint Petersburg, Russia
Sean Rooney Canada
Fine 5 Dance Theatre Tallinn, Estonia
Roman Gabrias`s company Saint Petersburg, Russia
Theatre-club MESTO D Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Third Angel, in association with Sheffield Theatres Sheiffield, UK
Studio Contemporary Dance Company Zagreb, Croatia
Theatre Tanto Vienna, Austria
Producing Centre “Magic” Minsk, Belarus
Karen Byosser Dusseldorf, Germany
VRUM performing arts collective Austria and Croatia
Omsk State Drama Fifth Theatre Omsk, Russia
Rona ZIv Dance Group Jaffa Israel
Medea 73 Spian, Argentina, Colombia and Germany
Compagnie ZACLAMA Luxemburg
Voronezh Chamber Theatre Voronezh, Russia
Actors of Dioonysus Brighton, UK
Arkhangelsk Regional Youth Theatre Arkhangelsk, Russia
The Light Year Tbilisi, Georgia
“Babi” theatre Chelyabinsk, Russia
“Mystorin” theatre group Israel
Antagon TheaterAKTion Frankfurt, Germany
Primorsky Regional Youth Theatre Vladivostok, Russia
Luce de vita Italy
Zarama Africa Company Cote Divoire, Africa
84 theater Tehran Iran
Novokuznetsk Puppet Theatre “Skaz” Novokuznetsk, Russia
Za theatre group Kerman, Iran
Sayeh Theatre Tehran, Iran
Nora Armani and PEMART company USA, Canada
Todd Wronski Fresno. USA
Jacky Nersessian and Agnes Davan France
Unexcused theatre Czech Republic
The Moscow Armenian theatre Russia
“Mihr” Theatre Armenian Program
Theatre Workers Union of Armenia
Nca small theatre
State Chamber theatre
Hamalsaran Theatre Studio
State Puppet Theatre
Aregnazan children circus
Henrik Malyan theatre
Theatre after Edgar Elbakyan
Antrepriza production
Gyumri Dramatic Theatre
Metro theatre
State Hamazgain Theatre
Chamber Musical Theatre
Philippe Genty France, Paris
CREDO Theatre Sofia, Bulgaria
The Municipal Theatre of Tiberias Tiberias, Israel
Trickster Theatre Switzerland, Novazzano
Transversal Theatre Company USA, Netherlands
Theatre Nikoli Krakow, Poland
Griffon Dance Co. Athens, Greece
Le Mot Juste London, UK
Kakha Bakuradze`s Movement Theatre Union Tbilsi, Georgia
Dan le Man Innsbruck, Austria
Slovak Dance Theatre Slovakia, Bratislava
Sean Rooney USA, Canada
Shalva Dadiani Zugdidi State Drama Theatre Zugdidi, Georgia
Safety Pin Theatre Group Tehran, Iran
Visual Reflection Theatre St. Petersburg, Russia
Art & Shock Almati, Kazakhstan
Ana Monro Theatre Ljubljana, Slovenia
Nist Theatre Tehran, Iran
Parvaze82 Theatre Tehran, Iran
SeNaNa Theatre Tehran, Iran
Saye Theatre Group Tehran, Iran
Zarama Africa Company Cot Divore, Africa
“Mihr Theatre” Armenian Program
State Puppet Theatre
Municipal Drama Theatre
State Chamber Theatre
Goy Experimental Theatre
State Hamazgayin Theatre
Municipal Theatre for Young Spectator
ACCEA Theatre
State Experimental Youth Theatre
Armenian Theatre Worker Union and New art Production
Rima Pipoyan
Samson Movsesyan
Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and cinematography
Vlad Demchenko Moscow, Russia
Kamerovo State Drama Theatre Kemerovo, Russia
Charlestown Working Theatre Boston, USA
Pouch Theatre Company / Buzunarul Cu Theatre Bacau, Romania
“MIG” theatre centre  St. Petersburg, Russia
Poti State Drama Theatre Poti, Georgia
Thatre Ludem Ostrava, Czech Republic
Theatrical sturdio ASB Moscow, St. Petersburg, Russia
Kolektiv Narobov Ljublijana, Slovenia
Imitating the Dog London, UK
Kharkov State Academic Drama Theatre of Shevchenko Kharkov, Ukraine
Instabili Vaganti Theatre Company Italy
Zarama Africa Company Cote D’ivore, Africa
Mihr theatre Armenian Program
Narine Grigoryan
State Hamazgayin theatre
National Academic theatre after Sundukyan
Serge Meliq Hovsepyian
“Agora” treatre group
Ripa Pipioyan
Samson Movsesyan
PR-Evolution Dance Company Budapest, Hungary
Credo Theatre Sofia, Bulgaria
Billy Cowie UK
Proto-type Theatre UK
K. Marjanishvili Theatre Georgia
Mercury Theatre UK
Poti State Theatre Poti, Georgia
Russian International Cultural-Theatre Center “Mincult” Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Versiliadanza Florence, Italy
Borderline Danza Company Salerno, Italy
Laboratory of Stage Arts Riga, Latvia
Claus Ankersen Copenhagen, Denmark
Unexcused Theatre Prague, Czech Republic
Knaglei MimeTheatre Repertory Imphal, Manipur, India
Sacramentum drama Company Moscow, Russia
Akhali Theatre Tbilisi, Georgia
Paolo Avataneo Italy
State Russian Drama Theatre Armenian Program
Samson Movsesyan
Mihr Theatre
Yerevan State Puppet Theatre
NCA Small Theatre
Dadadadan Tenko Osaka, Japan
UviMkneni Dance theatre Odessa, Ukraine
Tumanishvili Film Actors Theatre Tbilisi, Georgia
R.A.A.A.M. Talin, Estonia
Forward Motion UK
Ciplak Ayaklar Kumpanyasi Istanbul, Turkey
La Petite Famille Toulouse, France
Enani Free Artist Odemira, Portugal
Les Goulus Montreuil, France
Crazy Body Theatre Tehran, Iran
Iran Saye Theatre Tehran, Iran
Mihr Theatre Armenian Program
Yerevan State Puppet Theatre
NCA Small theatre
Municipal Theatre for Young Spectator
Real Phsycological Theatre
Epsidon Theatre Group
1927 Theatre London, UK
Oskaras Korsunovas Theatre / Vilnius city centre Vilnius, Lithuania
Valmiera Drama Theatre Valmiera, Latvia
Joseph Beyes Theatre Moscow, Russia
Tadron Teatro Buenos Aires, Republica Argentina
Heliotropion Company Paris, France
Teatr Tru Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Komedianty (Comedians) State Theatre Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Makoto Inoue Ind Tokyo, Japan
Cantieri Teatrali Koreja Lecce, Italy
Poti State Theatre Poti, Georgia
The Company Incontro Verso Pistoria, Italy
MTS Corporate Volunteer Theater – Mobile fairy Tale Theater Moscow, Russia
Mihr Theatre Armenian Program
Yerevan State Puppet Theatre
NCA Small theatre
Aida Simon
Hay Fire
Epsidon Theatre company
Youth Antitheatre
Theatre “ON”
Living Picture Theatre Budapest, Hungary
Compagnie Heliotropion Paris, France
Art&Shock Almaty, Khazakhstan
Sukhumi State Theatre Tbilisi, Georgia
Living Picture Theatre UK
Unborken Snow Theatre Helsinki, Finland
Ciplak Ayaklar Kumpany Asi and Theater Freiburg Turkey, Germany
The Modern Theatre Moscow, Russia
Theatre Doc Moscow, Russia
Freies Theatre Bozen Italy
Mime Theatre “Za dvumya zaitsami” Kraysnoayarsk, Russia
Bread Theatre Tehran, Iran
Nataman Theatre Tehran, Iran
Open Space Theatre company St. Oetersburg, Russia
State Puppet theatre Armenian Program
NCA small theatre
State Hamazgain Theatre
Shakespeare`s Globe London, UK
Oshkaras Korshunovas Theatre Vilnius, Litva
Gibney Dance Company New York, USA
Jking Danc Company Brooklyn, Ny, USA
Compas The Israeli Flamenco Dance Company Tel Aviv, Israel
Gabrielle Neuhaus Physical Theatre Tel Aviv, Israel
The St. Petersburg Masterskaya Theatre St. Peterburg, Russia
Search for items (Moscow Independent Theater Company) Moscow, Russia
Tomas Danielis Graz, Austria
Scimmie Nude Milan, Italy
Jasmin Ihrac Berlin, Germany
Howool Baek + Matthias Erian Berlin, Germany
Marek Zelinka & Martin Talaga Prague, Czech Republic ublic
Talinn Dance Theatre Talinn, Estonia
Agneta&Cie Lausanne, Switzerland
Silk cie. Vienna, Austria
The Heliotropen Company France
Mirko  Feliziani/ LSDMI – Le Sembianze di Marion Ilevski Rome, Italy
Lydia Lithos Dance Theater Athens, Greece
Dilan Ensemble Canada, Iran
Arararat Ensemble Orchestra Pavia, Italy
My Johansson Malungsfors, Sweden
ilDance Gothenburg, Sweden
Milos Sofranovic Vienna, Austria
Theatre Kufko St. Peterburg, Russia
Theatre Karlsson Haus St. Peterburg, Russia
Rahy Theater Group Bojnourd, Iran
Alin Derderian/ Consesnsus London, UK / Marseille, France
Hamazkain Kasbar Ipegian Beirut, Lebanon
The creative Partnership Liverpool, UK
State Puppet Theatre Armenian Program
Yerevan Drama Theater
Small Theatre
Infinite Theatre Island
The Maxim Gorki Theatre Berlin, Germany
The Ilkhom Theatre Tashkent, Kazakhstan
Lev Erenburg St. Petersburg, Russia
Noh Theatre Tokyo, Japan
Jun Kawasaki Music and Poetic Drama Laboratory Tokyo, Japan
Igor & Moreno Italy, Spain, UK
Nelly Lewis Brighton, UK
Independent Theatreical entity “Pop-up Thetare” St. Petersburg, Russia
Art-shelter “Bunker” Almaty, Kazakhstan
Sharona Florsheim and Eldar Baruch Tel-Aviv, Israel
Aikaterini Archontaki Athens, Greece
Poti Valerian Gunia Professional State Theatre Poti, Georgia
Holective Prague, Czech Republic
Mobile Telesystems PJSC “MTS” Moscow, Russia
Arlekin Players Theatre Needham, MA, USA
Orenburg State Regional Puppet Theatre Orenburg, Russia
Company B. Valiente Oslo, Norway
Teatron Beit Lessin Karlsruhe, Germany
Maciej Kuzminski Zdunska Wola, Poland
Aurora Lubos Skarszewy, Poland
Lublin Dance Theatre Lublin, Poland
Harutyun Galfayan Armenian Program
NCA small theatre
Theatre 8 troupe
Yerevan Drama Theatre of Hr. Ghaplanyan
Yerevan State Puppet Theatre
R. J. Mendola & David Sargssian
Infinite Theatre Island
Mihr Theatre
Sukhumi Russian Drama Theatre Sukhumi, Georgia
New Imperial Theatre Moscow, Russia
sadsongskomplex:fi Theatre Helsinki, Finland
cie. toula limnaios Theatre Berlin, Germany
Jung in Lee South Korea, Austria
Nucleo Vinicius Piedade & Cia S. Paolo, Brazil
Sharona Florsheim Theatre Israel
Vologda State Drama Theatre Vologda, Russia
Mobile Fairy Tale Theater Moscow, Russia
Mantega Theatre S. Paolo, Brazil
Deutsches Theater Kasachstan Almati, Kazakhstan
Lydia Lithos Dance Theatre Greece
ilDance Thetare Gothenburg, Sweden
The Art, Craft, Tradition Assoication Bulgaria
Candoco Dance Company UK
Polygon Theatre Talinn, Estonia
Yerevan State Puppet Theatre Armenian Program
NCA Small Theatre
Mihr Theatre
State Chamber Theatre
Fabrice Mazilah Company Frankfurt, Germany
Musical Comedy Theater St. Petersburg, Russia
Cultural Centre Khitrovka Moscow, Russia
Beer Sheva Fringe Theatre Beer Sheva, Israel
Lotta Gahrton Prod Company Stockholm, Sweden
Maladype Theatre Budapest, Hungary
Theatre Mesto D Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Nu Nu Theatre Birstol, UK
Theatre School of Modern Drama Moscow, Russia
Joshua Monten Company Switzerland,Bern
Tatar State Drama Theatre Russia, Tatarstan, Almatyevsk
Lindsey Grifith Company Baltimore, Marylend, USA
Zawirowania Dance Theatre Warsaw, Poland
Zhas Sahna Theatre Almaty, Khazakhstan
Gabrielle Neuhus Physical Theatre Tel Aviv, Israel
Stawek Krawczynski and Anna Godowska Poland
The Yanka Rudzka Project: Poliphonies Poland
Lublin Dance Theatre Poland
White wizard Puppet theatre Dnipro, Ukraine
Mochinoshka Puppet Company Japan, Tokyo
Atalaya Theatre Sevilla, Spain
Marie Goluke Theatre Berlin, Germany
Orsk State Drama Theatre A.S. Pushkin Orsk, Russia
FINE5 Dance Theatre Talinn, Estonia
Mihr Theatre Armenian Program
State Puppet Theatre
Heidi Latsky Dance New York, USA
Bridgman Packer New York, USA
Doug Varone and Dancers New York, USA
Ryazan State Drama Theatre Ryazan, Russia
Novosibirsk State Drama Theatre Novosibirsk, Russia
Compagnie Irene K Eupen, Belgium
Theater Company Maner Manush Rome, Italy
YVUA Arts Seuol, South Korea
The Kickpack Berlin, Germany
Company Zug Soa Paulo, Brazil
Candoco Dance Company Lodon, UK
Teatr Mimo Korokodil Saint Peterburg, Russia
Joshua Monten Bern, Switzerland
Teatr Maska Jelenia Gora, Poland
Alessandro Carocci Company Bruxelles, Belgium
Derossi & Celestino Company Luxemburg and Germany
Volodymyr Zavalniuk`s “Peretvorennya” theatre Kiev, Ukraine
Nu Nu Theatre Bristol, UK
Orenburg State Regional Puppet Theatre Orenburg, Russia
Novokuznetsk Drama Theatre Novokuznetsk, Russia
Novosibirsk Theatre Studio The First Theatre Novosibirsk, Russia
Kannon Dance 2 (Youth Ensemble) St. Petersburg, Russia
Theatre of New Plays Moscow, Russia
Lotta Gahrton Production Stockholm, Sweden
Compathy Theatrer Company Seoul, Korea
Marie Goluke Theatre Berlin, Germany
Public Theatre “Peripheriya” Astrakhan, Russia
ARB Dance Company Naples, Italy
Petros Adamian Tbilisi State Armenian Drama Theatre Tbilisi, Georgia
MTS Mobile telesystems PJSC Moscow, Russia
Mihr Theatre Armenian Program
State Puppet Theatre
Forma Theatre

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