In 2021, Yevgenia Podmogova (Zheka), co-founder and artistic director of the High Fest International Performing Arts festival, passed away. With her deeply artistic mind, Zheka always brought love and creativity into the daily working life of the festival. A brilliant problem solver, everyone craved her approval and input, not only to get her opinion but for the punchline that always came with it!  Zheka absorbed us all with her extraordinary vision, both the members of the festival and the guests.
We are so deeply grateful to Zheka for the light she shared, and we share her memory to make our work lighter and more beautiful.

Here is the list of people who share their feelings and LOVE FOR OUR ZHEKA
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Marina Davydova,Theater critic, director, playwright (Russia)
Roman Doljanski, Theater critic (Russia)
Kiril Serebrennikov, Director (Russia)
Roger McCann, art manager producer (UK)
Thomas Ostermayer, Director (Germany)
Tobies Veit, intendant of Schaubühne theatre (Germany)
Eduard Boyakov, Producer, Director (Russia)
Krzystov Gorbachevski, Director (Poland)
Anders Beyer, Director of Bergen festival (Norway)
Willie White, Director of Dublin Theatre Festival (Ireland)
Pippo DelBono, Director of Compagnia Pippo Delbono (Italy)
Jo Stromgren, Art Director of JO STRØMGREN KOMPANI (JSK) (Norway)
Levan Khetaguri, Theatre critic, UNESCO ITI board member (Georgia)
Pedro de Freitas, Director of FarOFFa festival (Brazil)
Haris Pasovic, Director of East-West Festival Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Kathrin Deventer, Secretary General of European Festival Association (Belgium)
Antonio Araujo, director tutor (Brazil)
Maria Revyakina, General director of Golden Mask (Russia)
Tamara Arapova, Director of “Russian case” (Russia)
Filipp Vulakh, producer, festival maker (Russia)
Vincent Boudriller, director of Vidy Lausanne (Switzerland)
Lorenzo Papagallo, XperTeatro director (Spain)
Bruno Costa, general director of network “Outdoor Arts Portugal” (Portugal)
Goncalo Amorim, Art director of FITEI (Portugal)
Veronika Nassalskaya, Actress, Director (Kazakhstan)
Galina Pyanova, Director (Kazakhstan)
Meelis Kubits, Founder of the Cultural Partnership Fund (Estonia)
Hyde Hytti, Director (Finland)
Angelika Krasheuskaya, Festival director (Belarus)
Ivan Medenica, Art director of BITEF festival (Serbia)
Philip Arnoult, Director of CITD (USA)
Viktor Minkov, Producer (Russia)
Ladislav Pfilmpfl, Arts manager (Czech Republic)
David Sakvarelidze, Art Director of Tsinandali Opera Festival (Georgia)
Vladislava Fekete, Art director of New Drama Festival (Slovakia)
Pavel Rudnev, Theatre critic (Russia)
Erik Stubo, Managing Director of the Royal Drama Theatre (Sweden)
Dmitriy Mozgovoy, Vice chairman of the Union of Theatre Workers (Russia)
Marina Medkova, Head of International Department of Union of Theatre Workers (Russia)
Lisa Burger, London National Theatre Executive Director (UK)
Keti Dolidze, Head of GIFT Festival (Georgia)
Constantin Chiriac, Head of Sibiu Festival (Romania)
Nakhim Shifrin, Comedian (Russia)
Gyorgy Szabo, Managing Director of Trafo House (Hungary)
Eka Mazmishvili, Director of Tbilisi International Theatre Festival (Georgia)
Oleg Rybkin, Art Director of Krasnoyarsk Pushkin Theatre (Russia)
Barzu Abdurazzakov, Director (Tajikistan, Kazakhstan)
Audronis Imbrasas, Arts Manager (Lithuania)
Tatyana Bobrova, member of the board ASSITEJ-World (Russia)
Nadejda Alekseeva, Art Director of “King Tale” Festival (Russia)
Mark Russel, Director of “Under the Radar” Festival (USA)
Fergus Linneah, Director of Edinburgh International Festival (UK)
Julia Yudina, Producer (Russia)
Andrei Pronin, Theatre Critic (Russia)
Monina Bonelli, Co-art Director of FIBA Festival (Argentina)
Aldo Grompone, Director of the Napoli festival (Italy)
Alyona Karas, Theatre Critic (Russia)
Oana Stoica, Theatre Critic (Romania)
Krzysztof Warlikowski, Director (Poland)
Artur Solomonov, Writer, Journalist (Russia)
Alexander Arkhangelsky, Writer (Russia)
Raluca Radulescu, Programmer, Journalist (Romania)
Aleksandr Gavirlov, Writer, Journalist, Critic (Russia)
Ekaterina Yakimova, Director of “Territory” Festival (Russia)
Zhanna Zaretskaya, Theatre critic (Russia)
Yury Muravitskiy, Director (Russia)
Romeo Castellucci – Director (Italy)
Julia Gertseva, Opera singer (Russia)
Sepehr Sharifzadeh, Actor, Producer (Iran)
Anya Chipovskaya, Actress (Russia)
Gintare Masteikaite, Director of New Baltic Dance (Lithuania)
Marina Dmitrevskaya, Theatre critic (Russia)
Bartsosz Szydlowski, Art Director of Divine Comedy Festival (Poland)
Igor Ovchinnikov, Theatre maker, Tutor (Russia)
Asa Richardsdottir, Secretary general of IETM (Iceland, Belgium)
Irina Duskova, Art manager (Lithuania, Finland)
Alena Borodina, Radio DJ (Russia)
Judith Knight, Arts manager (UK)
Maxim Leonidov, Singer (Russia)
Katsiaryna Saladukha, Festival maker (Belarus)
Boris Berman, TV host (Russia)
Laurynas Zakevicius, Choreographer (Lithuania)
Mart Meos, Arts manager (Estonia)
Alexandr Vislov, Theatre critic (Russia)
Anu Tahemaa, Arts Manager (Estonia)
Oleg Loevskiy, Festival maker (Russia )
Nikolai Khalezin, Art director of Free Theatre, Belarus (UK )
Yaroslava Pulinovich, Playwright ( Russia )
Susanne Danig, Arts manager (Danemark)
Grigory Pogosian, Radio DJ ( Russia)
Vladimir Mirzoev, Director ( Russia)
Nelson Fernandez, Arts manager ( UK)
Denis Dragunsky, Writer ( Russia)
Nina Dimitrova, Art Director of CREDO Theatre ( Bulgaria)
Christine Matvienko, Theatre critic, programmer ( Russia )
Elena Kovalskaya, Theatre critic, programmer ( Russia)
Virve Sutinen, Arts manager, Programmer ( Finland )
Gor Nakhapetian, Businessman, philanthropist ( Russia)
Tulin Saghlan, Head of ASSITEJ ( Turkey)
Daniel Lesserd, Director ( Canada)
Arthur Grigoryants, Producer ( Russia)
Kornel Mundruczo, Film and theatre director ( Hungary)
Ivan Zatevakhin, TV host (Russia)
Iwan Wyrypajew, Playwright, director (Russia, Poland)
Mikhail Bogdasarov, actor ( Russia)
Boris Gafurov, Art director of ‘Ilkhom’ theatre (Uzbekistan )
Kirill Pletnev, Actor (Russia)
Teona Kakhidze, Music manager (Georgia )
Seidulla Moldakhanov, Actor ( Uzbekistan)
Irina Kuzmina , Theater critic (Russia)
Colm Croffy, Arts manager ( Ireland)
Micco Kanninen, Festival maker (Finland )
Gleb Sitkovskiy, Theater critic (Russia )
Nadezda Simakina, Arts manager ( Finland,Russia)
Zane Kreicberga, Arts manager, Tutor (Latvia)
Anastasia Patlay, Director ( Russia)
Eugene Kazachkov, Playwright (Russia)
Olga Fedianina, Theatre Critic (Russia)
Andrey Plahov, Film critic ( Russia)
Lasha Bugadze, Playwright ( Georgia)
Vano Iantbelidze, Actor ( Georgia)
Nikolai Pesochinsky, Theatre Critic (Russia)
Dina Goder, Theatre critic ( Russia)
Danil Chashin, Director ( Russia)
Marina Andreykina, Arts manager ( Russia)
Lenerson Polonini, Director ( Brazil)
Alexey Paperny, Cultural activist ( Russia)
Andrea Montgomery, Director (Ireland)
Andrea Perez De Castro Montero, Festival maker (Chile)
Fyodor Pavlov-Andrevich,Writer ( Russia, Brazil)
Kamma Siegumfeldt, Arts manager ( Danemark)
Ksenia Peretrukhina, Artist ( Russia)
Dagmara Gumkowska, Arts manager ( Poland)
Vigdis Jakobsdottir, Director (Iceland)
Allan Xenius Grige, Arts manager ( Danemark)
Constant Meijers, Theatre critic (The Netherlands)
Anna Ardova, Actress (Russia)
Alexander Kelly, Director ( UK)
Anders Ohrn, Arts manager (Sweden)
Maria Bolshakova, Cultural expert (Russia)
Andriej Moskwin, Theatre critic (Poland)
Artur Janibekyan, Media manager, Producer, Philanthropist (Russia)
Mikhail Bychkov, Art Director of Platonov Fest (Russia)
George Isaakyan, Director (Russia)
Igor Golyak, Art Director of Arlekin Players Theatre (USA)
Oleg Lipovetsky Director (Russia)
Kirill Krok General Manager of Vakhtangov Theatre ( Russia)
David Burman, Director of KUKART Puppetry Festival (Russia)

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